Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bellabox - June 2015 Box

Bellabox is an australian monthly subscription box which costs $17.95. Bellabox was actually my first ever subscription box and to this day they are the most consistent when it comes to delivery times. My box was actually received on the 25th June (I've just been a bit slow with getting it on here.) I've cancelled and resubscribed to this box so many times now that it's just ridiculous. The boxes can be very hit and miss and can be rather skin care based. I keep going back to this box though as it has probably been the most successful box in regards to me purchasing products after trying them. They also offer samples of brands that you don't have to break the money bank for. There is often a good balance of expensive to inexpensive products. 

Now on to the products, this month we received the following:
- Universal Beauty Cosmetics Nude Pink Tint Stick - Full Size Product - Recommended Retail Price $19.99
- Original Source Skin Quench Watermelon and Jojoba Oil - Full Size Product - Recommended Retail Price $4.99
- Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tube - Full Size Sample - Recommended Retail Price $6.95
- Ivadore Tanning Treatment - 20ml Sample - Recommended Retail Price for 120ml $55.00
- Modelco Exfoliating and Cleansing All Natural Facial Wipes - 1 x Wipe - Recommended Retail Price for 25 wipes $7.99

Bonus Item
Palmolive Naturals Active Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner - 4 x samples - Recommended Retail Price for 350ml $4.99

I had very mixed feelings about this months box. The nude pink tint was more of a hot pink tint so this did nothing for me but other people would've like it. I was happy with the Original Source Skin body wash as we go through so much body wash in our house so to keep costs down we only ever buy the 500ml or 1l bottles depending on what's on special so to receive a beautiful smelling full sized bottle was fab.My favourite product in the box was the Burts Bees Lip Balm. While you could argue that we receive far too many lip balms in these boxes Burts Bees is one of my all time favourite brands so I just love receiving their prodcuts. I don't tan so the tanning product wasn't to my liking and I used the facial wipe because ModelCo is a skincare brand that I use and I actually already have these wipes at home. I think receiving only one wipe was a bit of a joke, we should've been given a few of them at least. I hate receiving sachet samples but gave the shampoo and conditioner samples a go. They were a bonus item so can't really complain and they were okay when I used them. Overall this box was probably a little on the miss side but other people who were able to use the lip tint would've got good value from this box. Can't wait to see what comes in next months box.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Harley Quinn and Catwoman Funko Pops

I'm a person who loves to collect things but i'm also the kind of person who changes my mind a lot so be prepared to see a lot of different collectibles popping up on my blog. A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to collect the funko pops but because of the price and my many interests I decided I would only get one a month. Luckily for you guys as I hadn't started my blog last month you will get to see 2 funko pops this month. I've decided to start with the characters from batman cos I love Harley Quinn and of course love all the characters from Batman. After that I want to get probably the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter pops but there are a lot of random ones that I really want as well. 

I bought my husband a Goku pop this month and I have to say the paint job on his Goku was much better than the paint job on my Harley and Catwoman. I absoloutly love my Harley Quinn pop and she has been shown to everyone from my work and everyone that walks into our house. She also sits here at my computer with me. I'm actually thinking I need to collect a lot more Harley merchandise cos she is just my all time favourite character. I just love her craziness. I will admit to being a little disappointed in my Catwoman. Its hard to put into words but she just doesn't look right. Online I thought she looked really good but yeah very disappointed in her once she came.

I'm not sure who I want to get next month. Its a toss up at the moment between Poison Ivy so that I would have all the girls or if I should get Joker so that him and Harley can be together.I should also point out that because I am so pathetic I will also be getting the multiple Harley, Joker and Batman figures.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Enchanted Rose by Nadia Nader

"We don't get new people much but even if we did, none of them would be as interesting as you".

Firstly a big thank you to Nadia Nader for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I will also point out off the top that this is not a standalone book like I first thought it was. I've only just started getting back into the paranormal books again and witchy, magic books have never been a favourite of mine but I could not go past this one. The cover is so beautiful and drew me in instantly.

You couldn't help but feel for poor Vivian from the get go. Her mother has just passed away and her father has shipped her off to her aunts place at the mysterious Tremaine Estate in Misty Hills. Two aunts may I add that Vivian didn't even know about until now and when she arrives at Tremaine Estate she is introduced to a further relative who she never knew about. Vivian makes quick enemies and quick friends at Misty Hills and there are mysteries to be solved at every turn plus a curse that needs to be broken.

This book was very short and I think in some ways this worked against it. I loved the Misty Hills and Tremaine Estate settings and the book moved in to the action right away which was really good. I have issues with the ending though. I hate when a book just cuts off and this is the second book in the last month where this has happened, so not impressed. I also felt like because it was so short we didn't get to form any bonds or attachments to the characters especially Vivian. If anything I found myself more drawn to Rose and would have loved some chapters from her perspective. The Enchanted Rose is a pleasant read though and is set up well for the second book in the series.

3 out of 5 Stars!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Broken by Karin Slaughter

Life is hard, but you can't get down about every shitty thing that happens to you.

Karin Slaughter is one of those author's that I could just read for days. I love her writing style, the mysteries and the characters that are in each of her books. It took a few chapters before I stopped and thought wait a minute Lena Adams, why have I heard her name before and then it finally registered with me that Jeffrey, Sara and Lena are all from the Grant County series which I only ever read the first book of. Duh I felt so stupid after that. Once again I had no idea who the killer was until the very end and to me that's what makes a good mystery/thriller book.

I love everything about Will Trent and he is definitely one of my favourite characters from the mystery/thriller genre. I always find it interesting how he get's around not being able to read and I can not for the life of me understand why he remains with Angie but at least we didn't have to deal with her in this book. She just showed up at the end to ruin things. I couldn't believe the whole dodginess within the police department and it was amazing what they thought they could get away with. I would love to know more of Lena's history. It hints at parts of this throughout the book and maybe I would have to read the Grant County series to get her full story (if someone can confirm this please do.) I like Sara a lot but her whole feud with Lena made things a bit difficult and I struggled with whose side to take. I wanted to hate Lena but at the same time I was holding out hope that there was/is more to her. 

I think I am with the majority of people when I say that I would love for Sara and Will to just hurry up and get together. I love reading their interactions together especially the very awkward ones. I enjoyed the first chapter of the story which was told from Allison's point of view and would've loved a chapter from Tommy. There's not really much more that I can say about this one. I mean I could sit here and just gush about Karin Slaughter for days. I can't wait to pick up the next book in this series and please, please let Sara and Will finally get together.

4 out of 5 stars!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Daredevil Season 1 Review


I'm a little late to the party when it comes to watching Daredevil but that was because I wanted to finish watching Gotham first. For the last month I've been working my way through season 1 of Daredevil and I have to say I just love it. Being a person with terrible, terrible eyesight I just love the idea of a blind superhero. 

Firstly lets all stop and appreciate Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil. It doesn't matter if that man is in his Daredevil outfit at night or playing lawyer during the day he is just all kinds of sexy (let's not forget the many shirtless scenes as well). Like most people I grew up watching Vincent D'Onofrio in Law & Order Criminal Intent but I feel like he plays the bad guy so much better than a good guy. He played the role as Wilson Fisk perfectly. It was a perfect balance of evil while also showing us a tender side that could pull at the heart strings. Karen and Foggy made for excellent sidekicks and were a constant source of entertainment when they were together as well as pulling some more deeper emotions out of you.

From episode 10 to 13 I found this show to be a complete roller coaster of emotions and I loved it.I must admit that final episode where they started to arrest everyone was brilliant and it will be interesting to see how quickly Fisk leaves prison in season 2 or if he will be left in prison for a while but will still run things from inside. I can't wait to see how Vanessa goes in the second season and I hope that she is returning. Vanessa is such a complex character and I would love to know what's going on in that head. The only disappointing part of the season was the ending. I mean I preferred his old black outfit compared to the new black and red one and the ending was just so cheesy cliche.

The biggest moment of the season for me would have to be when Foggy found out that Matt was Daredevil and the emotionally fuelled conversation/argument that followed the discovery. I swear to god there was tears, my heart just broke for the two guys. The biggest what the hell moment was a tie for me between the scene where we see Fisk decapitate a guy with a car door and when Karen shoots Wesley. I can't wait for season two to start.

4 out of Stars!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Soak Superfood Skincare - Product Review

Between the May Violet Box and the May Lust Have It box I received 4 of the Soak Superfood Skincare products so I decided to do a bit of a review on them. 

I started off with the Skin Booster Body Lotion with Chia Seed and I tried this on my hands, arms and legs. It had a nice natural smell to it and felt amazing on my arms and legs. I didn't mind the feel of it on my hands but I feel that there are much better hand products out there. I would definitely purchase it to use on my arms and legs. The price for a 500ml bottle is $29.95 which at first seemed a bit much but considering how my legs and arms feel I reckon it would be worth it.

I then tried the Hair Shine Shampoo with Purple Kale and the Hair Revive Conditioner with Maca Root. Again these products had a nice and natural smell to them and the shampoo lathered up nicely. The disappointment came when I went to rinse out the shampoo. It had turned my hair into a tangled, stringy mess. I had hopes that the Conditioner would correct what the shampoo did but it didn't and I jumped out of the shower with tangly, stringy, dry feeling hair. It didn't feel nice at all but I waited until it had dried to make my final decision. It didn't improve on my initial thoughts. I'm not a hair snob I generally just use Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioners and they do a much better job. The Soak Superfood Shampoo and Conditioners retail for $24.95 each for 500ml bottles and there is no way I would be paying that. I should also mention that my sample of the conditioner came with the safety seal broken which I was a little nervous about.

Overall it was a mixed review of the Soak Superfood Skincare products. I wouldn't mind trying the body polish, body butter and body wash based on my thoughts of the body lotion. I will just be staying clear of the hair care range.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

2 Free Kindle Ebooks from Amazon

At the time of posting the following Kindle books were still free on Amazon, however, prices can change at any given time. Please double check before clicking the buy now button that the book is still free.

When a prominent lawyer is shot while waiting at a suburban stop sign it sets off a nation-wide manhunt for an elusive killer. Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI finds himself appointed to track down and stop the shooter. Not by his superiors, but by the killer himself. 

As more bodies fall the shooter takes his message to the press, earning the support of the public with his choice of targets and confounding the FBI at every turn. From the desert of Nevada to the urban jungle of New York City, Jack and his team follow the trail of bodies and haunting messages left behind by the killer. With the pressure to find him mounting on Jack, the assassin’s crimes grow bolder, and his message more sinister and closer to home. 

It becomes clear to Jack that in order to find the shooter, he may have to look inside his own past, and become the man he was years ago. 


It’s summer in St. Louis and Mercy Watts is on vacation from her parents. The great detective and his nosy wife are on a cruise and Mercy thinks she’s off the hook for doing any investigating for them. But when a family friend has a fatal heart attack, Dad has one of his famous feelings and orders Mercy to look into it. Mercy tries not to get sucked in. She really does, but she’s her father’s daughter. Soon Gavin’s death leads to a more grisly one, the death of a bride on her wedding day. Can the two be connected? Was Gavin murdered? Now Mercy can’t stop. You do for family. That’s all there is to it.

Dark Lightning by Bethany L. Brown

"Everyone should know by now that it is the quiet one's you have to watch out for."

Firstly a huge thank you to Bethany for sending me a copy of this book for review. This is a perfect example of where you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I'm one of those people where a cover is what draws me in and I nearly overlooked this book which would've been a shame cos I did enjoy this one. The only other elemental type book that i've read is the elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer and I was keen to get my hands on some more. Add to the fact that this book is set in a boarding school with an infuriating but oh so good looking boy and I was sold, I just had to read it.

Ava Sparks is a spunky 17 year old girl who lives in Louisiana. On her 17th birthday she discovers that her parents aren't really her parents and that she is an elemental who is able to control lightning. She is the only elemental alive who can do this and this makes her extremely dangerous and sought after. On the night of her 17th birthday she is approached by the headmaster of a boarding school for elementals and soon finds herself at the boarding school making new friends and powerful enemies. The headmaster Ms Masters is an evil woman who wants to build an army of elementals to wipe out the human race and she wants Ava and Nate to be her star warriors. This then forces the world of elementals to decide which side they are going to stand on.

The story was really good and interesting and definitely had me hooked for the most part especially in the middle. I loved all the banter that went on between the many characters but at times the conversations could feel a bit off. Sometimes the characters voices flowed as seventeen year olds but then sometimes they seemed younger or far, far older than they were. Nate played the cocky, frustrating love interest very well. One minute you really liked him and then the next you were wanting to slap him over the head. I also really enjoyed Harper and Maddox. It was interesting to read about the elementals and what they could do especially the whole lightning and darkness element. The story did seem rushed at times especially in the first few chapters but then there were other parts that kind of dragged on a little bit. Overall I did enjoy reading this one and will definitely keep an eye out for any further books written by Bethany L Brown.

3 out of 5 Stars!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Crossing Lines by Keith Houghton

Sometimes standing still is all that stops us from falling down

I absolutely loved the first book in this series Killing Hope and therefore went into this one with high expectations. Crossing Lines follows recently retired celebrity cop Gabe Quinn who is still reeling from discovering who The Undertaker was and the fact that The Undertaker is still out on the loose. He is also still trying to find a previous serial killer who has haunted him known as The Maestro. The Maestro killed Gabe's wife and remains at large. Add to that another person who is hell bent on getting even with Gabe and Gabe certainly has his hands full. After surviving an attempt on his life from a new enemy Snakeskin, Gabe is called in by the FBI as The Maestro has struck again.

If there is one thing that Keith Houghton does really well it is surprising the crap out of you over and over again. As soon as you think you have something figured out something else happens which just spins you out. I admit Gabe frustrated me in this one and that is where the half star deduction between books has come from. It was unbelievable how much he was able to get away with. In this book and the previous book if Gabe hadn't been lying so much and withholding so much information then maybe they would've made more progress and less people would've been killed.

I like that we got the victims chapters thrown in throughout the book as well. It offered a different perspective to the story and I spent most of this book trying to figure out who the victim was. I was wrong twice and only just figured it out as Gabe was finding her. I would've liked some chapters from the killer and would've liked to have seen an appearance from The Undertaker but otherwise this book was fantastic. I loved the surprises and can't wait to see how it all ends in Taking Liberty which i'm hoping to pick up soon.

3.5 out of 5 Stars!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Game of Thrones - Season 5 Review


So I'm pretty sure I might be in the minority here but I didn't enjoy this season as much as the previous seasons. In fact I think the last two have been of a somewhat lesser quality than the seasons before them. Don't get me wrong it's still one of my all time favourite shows and is a world above nearly all other tv shows, it just wasn't quite up to the normal Game of Thrones standard.

Let's start with the the Stark girls shall we. Arya used to be my second favourite character on Game of Thrones and to me this season for the majority they hid everything that was good about Arya (does anyone else miss the hound). I will admit though that they bought her back to her awesomess in the final episode and watching her stabby stab moment was amazing. I was cheering at the screen and was so excited. On to Sansa, she has been a constant frustration for me since way back in season 1. I keep waiting for her moment to come for her to take charge of her life and finally do something to free herself from everyone but she still just didn't quite get there. Now my husband argued that she did escape and correct she did but she still relied on the help of someone else. I want to see her become a warrior of sorts. Instead of going to the tower for help I wanted to see her just break free and run away on her own.

Speaking of people that I want to see take charge. I tell you what Kings Landing is going to be destroyed once Cersei is back on her feet. The whole time she was doing that walk of shame my husband and me were just saying to each other shits gonna get real next season, she is going to destroy everyone who was involved. It will be interesting to see what happens with that whole Myrcella story line as well. Can we just take a moment now to appreciate the Sand Snakes. They were brilliant and this season could have been so much better if we got to see more of them. I am hoping and praying that they play a huge part in season 6 cos I just love them.

I like that Tyrion has joined up with Daenerys but I found myself not really caring too much about what Daenerys was doing. I feel like to stay relevant she needs to start doing more and be more leaderlike. Hopefully her story will develop more in season 6 cos at the moment I feel like she is just falling to the side. 

Now for the biggest and most shocking moment of all. Jon Snow. Jon Snow has been a favourite of mine since I first laid eyes on him in season 1 and I am just beyond devastated at the moment. I had hoped that he would go north earlier in the season but now he is just gone. I'm not ruling him as dead yet as I'm wondering if he really is gone or if Melisandre has come back just in time to work some of her magic on him. I was not surprised by the Night's Watch turning on him. You knew that it was coming and i'm just glad that Sam and Gilly got out of there before it happened.

Game of Thrones provided it's usual moments throughout the season. Jon Snow dying at the end ranked third in my screaming at the screen moments. The second biggest screaming at the screen moment was when Sansa was being raped by Ramsay and Theon stood by and watched. The thing that angered me most this season and nearly resulted in a broken screen was when Shireen was burned alive. This scene made me so angry and I got angry all over again when I watched the finale and even while typing this I am still fuming and swearing about how all of that went down. 

So that's my thoughts on the most recent Game of Thrones season and in particular the final episode. It's a little all over the place but hey that happens sometimes. Now begins the long wait for season 6 which will hopefully up it's game and go back to the old Game of Thrones that I love. I'm wondering now if I really should read the books as well.

4 out of 5 Stars!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Trivial Pursuit - Xbox One Game Review

It didn't matter if I was playing against my husband or against other people online this game was so much fun and kept us entertained for ages.The achievements were all very gettable and easy except the one that has eluded me the "pop goes perfection" achievement where you have to answer every question correctly in a 5 round game. I would've liked some more characters and character customisation options but the actual game play was very enjoyable. Its the kind of game that we will keep on the Xbox and come back to whenever we want to have a game of something together. Very enjoyable and would definitely recommend to all the trivia bugs out there.

3.5 out of 5 Stars!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Anomaly by Tonya Kuper

"I was just wired to be weird"

Firstly a huge thank you to Benjaminoftomes for making this book his June book club book. If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have picked up this book and I would've missed out on what was a fantastic read. Anomaly offered up something that I have yet to read about in the paranormal genre and that was Oculi. 

Oculi is the ability to make what you have previously observed a reality through mental pushing. There are two types of Oculi some can push objects and some can retract objects. Then there are the select Oculi who have the ability to both push and retract and these people are known as Anomalys. Josie is an Anomaly but with an extra special dose of  kick ass. I felt like Josie could've been my twin except for the awesome special ability part. Josie was all nerd and I loved it. I loved all the quirky nerdy references and loved the general banter between Josie, Reid and Santos. 

Josie, her family and her new trainers Reid and Santos are all part of the resistance and are protecting the world from their enemy the consortium. My heart broke a number of times at the end of the book and I don't know how i'm going to recover from it. The main appeal of this book was just how kick ass Josie was. I love being able to get behind a character who goes out there and just does what needs to be done. I am dying to read the next book in this trilogy which will be titled Enigma and I'm hoping to have it in my hands as soon as possible.

4 out of 5 stars!

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Violet Box - May 2015 Box

Violet Box is a monthly subscription box which costs $22.95 and you generally receive 5 beauty and skin care products. I normally receive my Violet Box in good timing but the last one did come on the 11th June. I can't say that I've ever really been disappointed in a Violet Box and have generally been able to use every item that I receive with no problems. I also find that the samples that we receive are good sized and you generally don't receive too many sachet samples if any. I opened this box at work and there was a strong, amazing smell coming from the box so I ended out having to show this box around the office as everyone wanted to know what I was smelling.

This months box included:

- Mitsura Kabuki Brush - Full Size Product - Recommended Retail Price $14.95
- Soak Skin Booster Body Lotion - 25ml Sample - Recommended Retail Price for 500ml $29.95
- Hair and Me Rejuvenation Treatment - Full Size Sample - Recommended Retail Price $19.95
- Urban Skincare Co Body Balm - 35ml Sample - Recommended Retail Price for 100ml $12.95
- Meraki by Design Body Scrub - Undisclosed Sample Size - Recommended Retail Price for 220ml $15.95
Its funny cos I received the Soak Skin Booster Lotion this month in my Lust Have It box as well so I had two of these. No problems though as I have one on my desk at work and one on my desk at home. There was also two lotions in this box which I know some people had a problem with. I personally don't mind as it is something I use heaps of daily so it just saves me having to buy more. 

I can not tell you guys how excited I am to try the Meraki by Design Body Scrub. This was the product that made the whole box smell amazing. It smells like those sour lolly straps that you used to buy as a kid all the time. I'm going to be trying this product tomorrow and might post a mini review on it. I also might end out buying this product in the future if I like it tomorrow. Judging by the smell of it I will be buying it. There wasn't really anything in this box that disappointed me. I'm not sure about the hair treatment as I don't usually use treatments and this one has to stay in for 45 minutes. I will probably be saving this one for a Saturday when I know I won't be doing anything the following day. You know just in case something does go wrong.

I would definitely recommend giving this box a try. I haven't been disappointed yet.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Lust Have It - May 2015 Box

Lust Have It is a monthly subscription box which costs $19.95 and you generally receive 5 to 7 beauty and skin care products. I found that Lust Have It was one of the better quality subscription boxes out there but they are majorly let down by timeframes. My last box was back in March and a box never came for April as they wanted to improve the timeframes for delivery and get the boxes sent in the correct months. Well that didn't appear to happen as my May box arrived on the 10th June.

I've actually cancelled my subscription to Lust Have It so i'm not sure if this is my last box or if I still have one more coming. I subscribe to a few boxes and had to drop a couple to save a bit of money and unfortunately this was the beauty box that I chose to drop. After opening this box I nearly regretted cancelling my subscription. This box is jam packed full of goodies and is excellent return for your $20. Although do keep in mind that the boxes aren't normally this packed. I would recommend giving Lust Have It a try especially if you don't mind waiting for things and are more patient then myself. 

This months box included:

- Bloom Foundation Stick - Full Size Sample - Recommended Retail Price $35
- Soak Shampoo and Conditioner - 2 x 25ml Samples - Recommended Retail Price for 500ml $24.95 each
- Soak Skin Booster Body Lotion - 25ml Sample - Recommended Retail Price for 500ml $29.95
- Hola Seaweed Moisturising Essence - Full Size Sample - Recommended Retail Price $17.95 to $24.95
- Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - 10ml Sample - Recommended Retail Price for 50ml $24.95
- Lonvitalite 24K Active Face Mask - Full Size Sample - Recommended Retail Price $9.95
- 2 x Lonvitalite 24K Active Eye Mask - Full Size Sample - $9.95 each

As previously mentioned this box was much better value then normal and that might be because of the April box being missed. I'm most looking forward to using the 2 x lonvitalite 24K eye masks as I have used these before and I absoloutly loved them, they work amazingly. There wasn't really anything here that I was disappointed with. If I had to pick something as my least favourite based on first impressions only it would probably be the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. This is a dry oil for your hair, body and face and I have received it before in a different subscription box. I have very finicky skin and when I tried to use this product before it made my skin a little gross.

It's sad in one way that I wont be getting Lust Have It anymore but I will definitely keep an eye on other bloggers and youtubers to see what they receive in future boxes.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han

There are two kinds of girls in this world. The kind who breaks hearts and the kind who gets her heart broken.

P.S I Still Love You is the second book in the To All The Boys I Loved Before series. I only just finished TATBILB a week or so ago and although I think it could've ended there with an extra chapter or two I also enjoyed having a second book. This was a nice contemporary young adult book that didn't really offer anything out of the ordinary but was simply an enjoyable read.

The characters could be a little frustrating and annoying at times but you can't help but love them at the same time. I loved Kitty and all the interactions between the dad and the girls. I would've preferred if Lara Jean hung out with Lucas more than she did Chris. I didn't really like Chris all that much. I thought the whole thing with Lara Jean and the assassins game was a little stupid. I mean cmon there were much bigger things to be worrying about than who won a game. My biggest frustration though would've been the fact that she didn't give Gen what she deserved. I'm sorry but I'm a spiteful little person and if somebody did that to me I would never forgive them and damn right they would pay for it.

Overall an enjoyable read and I will definitely be checking out some more books by Jenny Han.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Completed Game - Contrast

I actually finished this game a few weeks ago but I've been having problems with a glitchy achievement so I wanted to get that ironed out before doing up my review. I am still minus that achievement though and think its in the wind. After finishing the game I had two collectibles left to get. I managed to get the first one to sparkle and become a collectible after another two tries but collectible 22 just isn't going sparkly so that I can collect it. I've gone through that one part of the game about 8 or 9 times now and it just isn't working for me and to be honest i'm over it. My husband had a similar problem with a couple of the collectibles but his eventually worked after a few tries.

This game can be very frustrating which is such a shame because the storyline, music and appearance of the game is so unique, beautiful and perfect. I was so looking forward to this game I mean come on its a shadow platformer set in 1920's Paris it just had my name written all over it. As mentioned above it did deliver from a viewing aspect just not so much from a gaming aspect. It had very faulty mechanics and was far too glitchy. You often find yourself stuck for no reason, falling out of the 2d scenes for no reason and just other general frustrations that after a while start to take away from the game. 

If you manage to find it cheap somewhere I would recommend maybe still buying it. It is a very quick game that is good for your gamerscore with some interesting puzzles and beautiful visuals. Just be prepared to do some yelling at the screen :)

2 out of 5 stars!

Targeted Product of the Week - Killer Queen by Katy Perry

I was recently looking through my room and found that I have a lot of products so I have decided that each week I will target one product specifically to use daily. I decided to start with a perfume because perfumes can take forever to get through especially when I alternate between about five of them. I got the Killer Queen perfume a few months back and currently wear it maybe two or three days of the week. It's a fantastic wintery perfume and it always make me feel sexy, confident and powerful. I bought mine from priceline and they currently have it on sale for $9.99 (normally $39)

Monday, 8 June 2015

Recently Acquired Free Kindle Books

At the time of posting the following Kindle books (except Dead Secret) were all still free on Amazon, however, prices can change at any given time. Please double check before clicking the buy now button that the book is still free. I find that the free books can be very hit and miss so I probably won't be reading and reviewing the following books straight away but you might find reviews for them pop up at some stage throughout the year. Go check them out on Amazon and happy reading!