Saturday, 31 October 2015

November TBR Pile

That's right people you read that correctly it is November. Like most years Christmas is again sneaking up on us so I have panic mode on standby cos we have so many people to buy for. October was a bit of a fail month for reading for me. Once again work got in the way quite a bit but not only that I also found that the book's that I was picking up I just wasn't really in to. It wasn't the books fault though oh no it was entirely my fault, I just wasn't in the reading mood. Standout books for me in October were definitely Creep by Jennifer Hillier, Joe Victim by Paul Cleave and Don't Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey. Let's take a look at what I will be reading in the month of November.

  • Series Read: Continuing on with my obsession with Paul Cleave I have picked his Theodore Tate series to hopefully be my series read for the next 4 months and the first book in this series is Cemetery Lake. I have been majorly impressed by Paul Cleave so far so I'm really excited to pick up this one.

  • Husbands PickEach month I get my husband to pick out a random book for me from my TBR List. This month he chose What Happened in Between by L.J. Scar. I recently picked this book up for just $1 on Amazon! Can you believe that, that is so cheap. Because it was so cheap I'm a little scared about whether or not it will be any good but i'm excited to find out.

  • Take Down That TBR: Each month I pick up the first book that is listed on my TBR list and this month it is The Broken Road by Melissa Huie. I must admit I was a little undecided when I saw this book come up but i'm ready to give it a shot. It's been on my TBR list since the 5th October 2014 so it's definitely about time that I read it.

  • November Book of the Month: This months book of the month is going to be Need by Joelle Charbonneau. This book is going to be releasing on the 3rd November and is a book involving a social networking site so it definitely has me intrigued. 

  • Wildcard Book: I knew what book I was going to be picking as my wildcard ages ago because it is releasing on the 3rd November. It is of course the one and only Untamed by S.C. Stephens which also happens to be the fourth book in the Thoughtless series. I have been dying to read Griffin's book and will no doubt be reading this the very second that it is released.

I also want to give a special mention to Lost Girls by Angela Marsons which is being released on the 6th November and is the third book in the D.I. Kim Stone series. I have pre-ordered a copy of that book as well so in total 3 pre-orders this month which is a little crazy and costly haha. I'm fairly excited about this month and one could say that I've played it a little safe with my choices this month but that is just because of the epic fail that was October. I'm hoping to have a review up today/tomorrow for the book that I am currently reading and then I will be making a start on this TBR pile. Let me know what you are going to be reading this month and if you have any pre-orders that will finally be coming through in November.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Don't Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey

The ice-green eyes are the only thing left of her beauty. The rest has been taken. Beating by beating, week by week, year by year, who she used to be has been erased, leaving the monster behind. Medusa, maybe. So ugly, people would run screaming if she ever left the house. He's right about a couple of thing; no man will ever look at her again without recoiling in disgust and she derserves what she's gotten. Stupidity has a price, and in her case, it came very steep.

That was one of our very first introductions to Nicole and reading back on it you can really see the major change's that she take's throughout the story. In fact remembering Nicole at the end of the book and then going back and re-reading the above which was from the start of the book just breaks your heart all over again. There are truly no words to describe how much of a terrible monster John was and the things that he did to Nicole repeatedly were horrifying. What makes this story more shocking is that many women live with domestic violence every day and it honestly just breaks my heart to think of those women and their children.

Although this book has a lot of dark moments in it, it also has some really beautiful and funny moments. I loved the first time that Agnes came over with the cup of coffee and loved the book pretty much every time that Liam made an appearance. Nicole was a very captivating main character but she definitely had support from Brian and Liam. What can I say I think everyone after reading this book would want a Brian and Liam of their own. Hell throw in Helen and Agnes to the mix and you wouldn't need anybody else.

I think that Elle Casey dealt with the domestic violence issue really, really well. I feel that she captured it perfectly and I like that Nicole's recovery wasn't rushed. The horrors that Nicole went through are not something that you just get over instantly and the pacing was done terrifically. Nicole moved forward with her recovery but also had those moments where it was almost like one step forward, two steps back. 

I think it's safe to say that Elle Casey is now one of those author's that I have added to my auto-buy list. She is currently running at 3 from 3 and although all 3 books have been quite different to each other I have loved them all equally. Her writing just manages to suck me in each and every time whether she is writing a funny love story or a more darker love story. I can't wait to pick up more from Elle Casey and now I just need to decide which book of hers will be next.

4 out of 5 Stars

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Joe Victim by Paul Cleave

It's official I just love Paul Cleave and his writing. The first book in this duology The Cleaner was my favourite book of the year and could possibly be one of my favourite books of all time. The story of me actually obtaining Joe Victim is a long one and I nearly didn't get it cos everywhere I looked it was going to cost me at least $20 and when you're on a book budget like I am $20 is a lot for just one book. I tried to convince myself that I really didn't need this book and that I didn't need to know what ended out happening with Joe but come on now who was I kidding. There was no denying it I needed this book in my life and I was so excited when it finally got here. Having finished it I can honestly say that it wasn't as good as The Cleaner but I still loved it and you know what I don't care how much Paul Cleave's books cost if I have to splurge out for them than I will definitely be doing that because it is certainly worth it.

When I say this book wasn't as good as the The Cleaner I think it was because we saw a far more vulnerable and dare I say dumber version of Joe. The thing that made you love Joe was his cleverness and his ability to outsmart everyone around him including the cops, however, in Joe Victim it was everyone else that was outsmarting Joe. Joe can be a very complex character but we didn't see that so much in Joe Victim. Melissa definitely stole the show in this book. I would've loved to have seen a little more of her and her backstory but I did enjoy what we got. The whole time that I was reading this I was imagining Melissa and Joe as Harley and Joker from the Batman franchise. I really don't know why it was just what kept on popping up in my head. I can't say I really liked the Carl Schroder parts but I did enjoy the Raphael parts. The ending was just amazing and I would've loved a few more chapters after the bloody wedding to really end it well.

It's always weird when you find yourself attached to two characters who are just such terrible people. Melissa and Joe are definitely both characters that stay in your mind even when you aren't reading the book. That is part of the reason why I desperately had to pick up this book because Joe was one of those character's that I just couldn't stop thinking about, This is definitely not my last Paul Cleave book it is only the beginning and I can't wait to see what my next Paul Cleave book is like and what crazy new characters it will bring.

4 out of 5 Stars!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Waiting on Wednesday: Light of Day by Allison Van Diepen

Hi guys, welcome to another edition of Waiting on Wednesday. This time I bring you Light of Day by Allison Van Diepen which will be getting released on the 24th November. I am dying to get my hands on this book as I recently finished and loved the companion novel On The Edge. I was really excited when I saw that this book was going to be about X because he is such an intriguing character and definitely a character that I would love to read more about. I find Allison Van Diepen's writing to be so easy to read so I am really looking forward to it and I have already pre-ordered my copy on Amazon even though it is going to set me back in my book allowance next month. If you haven't already definitely check out On The Edge so that you will be ready to read Light of Day when it drops at the end of November. 

Goodreads Synopsis
Like any other Saturday night, Gabby Perez and her best friend, Maria, are out dancing. But this isn’t just another night. When a mysterious stranger warns Gabby their drinks have been drugged, she hurries Maria home. Sure enough, the next day, Maria can’t remember a thing. Gabby’s shaken by their close call. And she’s not going to stay quiet about it.

She opens up the airwaves on her radio show and discovers an even worse truth: the guy who drugged them was going to force them into prostitution. Then Gabby’s friend Bree never makes it home from a party, and Gabby fears the worst.

Gabby reaches out to the guy who saved her, the gorgeous stranger she knows only as X. As they dive into the seedy underworld of Miami, searching for Bree, they can’t ignore their undeniable attraction. Until Gabby discovers the truth about who X really is and the danger that surrounds him. Can their love survive the light of day?

Friday, 16 October 2015

Free Book Friday: Gone by Stacy Claflin

It's time for another edition of Free Book Friday. I've ran out of spending money this month which is devastating but also means that it is going to give me a chance to work my way through a lot of the books that are already on my kindle including all the free ones. I wanted to read a quick dark book so I set out on a mission to find one this morning. I eventually decided on Gone by Stacy Claflin. This story sounds really interesting and dark and i'm hoping that it will be a gripping story that brings out all the emotions. I have issues I know haha. I'm thinking of reading this next so the review should be up in the next week or so but while you're waiting head over to Amazon and grab a copy for yourself as well.

Goodreads Synopsis
Macy Mercer only wants a little independence. Eager to prove herself grown up, she goes to a dark, secluded park. She’s supposed to meet the boy of her dreams who she met online. But the cute fifteen year old was a fantasy, his pictures fake. She finds herself face to face with Chester Woodran, a man capable of murder.

Distraught over his own missing daughter, Chester insists that Macy replace his lost girl. He withholds food, locks Macy up, and roughs her up, demanding that she call him dad. Under duress from his constant threats and mind games, her hold on reality starts to slip. Clinging to her memories is the only way of holding onto her true identity, not believing that she is Chester’s daughter. Otherwise she may never see her family again.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

On The Edge by Allison Van Diepen

I'd love each scar, each burn, and take his hurt as my own. And hopefully my love could heal the wounds that time wouldn't erase.

I went into this book with pretty high expectations cos when I first came across it, it instantly reminded me of Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. Having now finished this book I wouldn't quite put it up as high as Perfect Chemistry but I tell you what it isn't far behind it. This book was so easy to read and I often found it hard to put down. It raised a very good question. Would you step in to save someone if it meant that you yourself would be in harms way and if you couldn't save them would you testify even though it meant that your life would then be in danger. I live and work in two rather dodgy areas and you do see things and as much as you would like to think that you could step in and save a persons life there is always that big risk that you yourself could die.

I thought that Maddie was very brave to not only identify the two gang members but also to testify against them. It did surprise me that she was out walking alone at that time of night to begin with and that she continued to walk around alone at that time of night after the murder. I'm weary just walking out the front of my house to the bin or the car once it gets dark. I definitely wouldn't be walking around alone in the dark. I really liked both Maddie and Ortiz as characters and enjoyed the additional characters of Eric, Julia and of course Manny. There weren't too many surprises throughout the book. I mean it was obvious who Lobo was and later on it was obvious who the traitor was but I wasn't disappointed at all when it was being revealed. 

I have to say I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely be checking out some of Allison Van Diepen's other books. I can see that the companion novel to On The Edge is being released next month so I will definitely be picking that up.

4 out of 5 Stars!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

What She Left Behind by Tracy Bilen

"Don't even think of leaving... I will find you.," he whispered. "Guaranteed"

I'm not ashamed to admit that even at the ripe old age of 28 I am still both a mummy and a daddy's girl so this book was a little hard to read at times. I just can't begin to imagine any father treating his daughter and wife the way that Sara's dad did. The things that this family went through at the hands of the Dad was truly horrible and there were moments where I was beginning to question if Matt's suicide was really a suicide or if the dad had actually killed him. I have to say no matter how scared I was I could never just accept that my mum wasn't around especially after say 4 or 5 days. It was an extremely difficult position that Sara found herself in and it only got harder.

I really liked Alex and I wish that Sara had've let him in a little more throughout the book. He offered up some lightness to what was otherwise quite a dark story. I liked Zach but he was a little plain and just around if that makes sense. I found that Sara was very believable as a character but at the same time I didn't really have any strong feelings about her either. The character's were really just all okay. With the exception of Alex there was no standouts and this book was good for it's writing and the story rather than the character's themselves. There are a lot of flashbacks throughout the story but it didn't take away from the story either.

This was my first book by Tracy Bilen and I actually only picked it up on a whim cos I really wanted one particular book from Book Outlet and figured I may as well grab a few extra books while I was at it. I'm glad that I picked it up as it was a rather interesting story and definitely had you right up until the very end. I can see that Tracy Bilen has another book due out in November so I think I will pick that up and see where it takes me.

3 out of 5 Stars!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Secrets Organic Box - September Unboxing

As previously mentioned i'm trying to use more organic products so i've swapped around a lot of my subscription boxes. I was undecided on getting this box but the first impressions are good so I will probably continue to receive this one. The Secrets Organic Box will set you back $25 per month if you choose the monthly ongoing subscription plan and you should receive a minimum six products per month. I couldn't find an item card just recipe cards so i'm not sure if there was one and I missed it or if you just don't get one. There was also a $25 gift card for a 14 day cleanse but when I saw the price of the cleanse I just gave the card away. Here is what I received this month:

Teza Real Life Organic Tea in Peach and Passionfruit: This is a decent sized bottle at 325ml. I also liked the little story on the back advising that their tea leaves are up-cycled as garden mulch. I do enjoy a good iced tea so I can't wait to give this a try.

Granola Girls Granola: Alright so this is probably going to sound a little odd but I don't usually eat granola at all, like ever. I had to google uses for granola so now that I've done that I'm probably just going to add it to my yogurt that I usually have for breakfast.

QI Organic Green Tea Detox and Wellness Tea: I like getting tea samples because I do drink a hell of a lot of tea during the week. I actually have a box of the Qi Organic Green Tea Detox so this isn't a new product to me but I do enjoy it so it always helps to have extra. I haven't tried their Wellness tea yet so i'm excited to give that a go.

Crio Bru Brewed Cocoa: I admit this product confused the crap out of me when I first saw it but it does come with a recipe card and a product brochure. I'm trying to kick my morning coffee habit so I'm hoping by giving this a go I will be able to do that. I haven't opened it yet as I need to find my french press but I'm really interested in the Mojito part of it. I can't wait to give this a go. I think it will be one of those things that you either love or hate.

Organyc Panty Liner and Pad Sample: So totally immature thought but I had a little giggle wondering if any male subscribers to this box happened to get this sample as well or if they get something different? For those of you who don't know I don't get my period every month due to medical reasons. I do keep these in the house/in my bag for just in case purposes so I will hold on to it and I do think they are a great idea provided that they work well. If I did get my period monthly and these worked well it would be something that I would consider swapping to.

Thomas Chipman Kale and Spirulina Corn Chips: This was the product that I was most excited for because I love my vege chips and I have heard so much about Kale chips. I was hesitant when I opened the bag and saw how green they were but my god they tasted amazing. Me and the girl that I work with got stuck into this bag right away and it is something that I would definitely re-purchase.

Overall I was quite impressed with this box. The standout was definitely the Kale and Spirulina Corn Chips. I'm not to sure about the value of this box yet and I won't know for certain until I try all of the products. I'm trying to broaden my tasting habits though and I think a box like this is definitely good for experimenting purposes. It's definitely a box that I will continue to get and I can't wait to see what else comes over the next few months.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Creep by Jennifer Hillier

I did bring you here to kill you. And I think it's important you know this, that you understand this very clearly, because when you understand it, it makes my job a lot easier. And then other people don't have to get hurt.

Yeah cos that's not creepy or anything. Seriously if someone was saying that shit to you then you pretty much know that you're screwed. I was so excited to read this and at no point did it disappoint me. From the start to the finish I was kept on the edge of my seat and I didn't want to put this down. I thought the writing style flowed very nicely and the characters had distinctive personalities. The book had me guessing right til the very end and surprised the crap out of me. I like when a book still manages to surprise me considering how many of these books I read. I did go into this book believing that it was a standalone so I was a little caught off guard when I got to the end and there was no actual ending.

Ethan Wolfe played the role of the psychotic creep to perfection. I would've loved to have had a bit more background story to him but did enjoy the little snippets that we got. He had things so well planned out and was clearly a very smart person. Dr. Sheila Tao was an interesting character but at times was overshadowed by Ethan and his persona. I found her sex addiction to be rather interesting and I think Jennifer Hillier could've provided some more information around this. Although we heard about her addiction I don't think we really saw enough of it for it to be a true focus for the story and as much of an issue at it was made out to be. 

That ending still has me somewhat at a loss for words. This was my first book by Jennifer Hillier and I tell you what it certainly won't be my last. I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to get my hands on the second book, Freak. Unfortunately I have used up all of my book allowance this month so i'm going to have to wait a while before I can read the next book and let me tell you the wait is going to just about kill me. 

4 out of 5 Stars!

The Handmade Box - September Unboxing

I've been trying to buy more handmade and organic products so you may see some different unboxings showing up on my blog over the next couple of months. I have been really happy with my Camirelli Crate subscription and saw that they contribute to another subscription box which is The Handmade Box. I looked into this Handmade Box and thought that the products not only looked amazing but you are also supporting small businesses which is always a plus. Honestly when I was opening this box I felt like I was unwrapping a birthday present. It had two jewellery items in it which is crazy awesome. The Handmade Box offers a wide range of subscription box options and I have decided to get the ladies box which sets you back $21.95 per month plus postage (postage to WA is $6). Each month you will receive 6 to 8 samples/products which I think is a good amount. This subscription box doesn't run concurrently so you do need to remember to order each month. Here is what I received this month:

Daysie Chains Statement Bracelet: I fell in love with this bracelet the moment that I saw it. I honestly can't begin to explain how beautiful it is and it suits me perfectly. I started wearing it straight away. Recommended Retail Price $11

Tila Candle Co: Anybody who knows me knows that I have a major weakness for candles and melts so when I saw that there was a candle included I just couldn't control my excitement. The scent isn't something that I would normally pick for myself so it should be interesting. Recommended Retail Price $10

Little & Bird Raw Wooden Earrings: I've never owned wooden earrings before so I was excited to see these and they are just so adorable. I got little wooden stars which suit me perfectly as well so I can't wait to wear these. Recommended Retail Price $5

Blackbooks Chai Masala Tea Sample: I love a good chai tea so I can't wait to try this out. It smells just amazing. Recommended Retail Price $1.50

Reed Bath Bomb: It's good that I received a bath bomb because I never use our bath and it's about time that I started using it so this should give me that boost that I need. Recommended Retail Price $5.50

The Waltzing Moose Wall Decal: I've only recently caught on to the whole wall decal trend so i'm really happy to receive this. I'm thinking I might put this on the wall between our his and hers computer stations at home. Recommended Retail Price $7

Camirelli Small Sized Soap: Apparently you could receive a soap or a body butter and to be honest I would've been happy either way. I love Camirelli products and this soap smells amazing. It will be going straight in the bathroom when I get home. Recommended Retail Price $2 - $4.

Inspicards: I thought that these were really cute and I adore the love quote from Moulin Rouge. Not quite sure where i'm going to put these yet but I do like them. Recommended Retail Price $2

Smalt Smoked Salt Caramel Fudge Sample: I pre-typed this post at work and it was killing me to have the Fudge Sample sitting there but not being able to eat it cos I hadn't had a chance to take the photos.

This box completely blew my mind and I loved everything in it. The two jewellery items were definitely a win for me and I will get plenty of wear out of them. I'm only new to decals so this will definitely be going up somewhere in the house. I love receiving a candle in a box and I love that its not something I would pick normally cos it's always good to step outside of your comfort zone. I'm going to be trying the tea later on today but let's be honest it smelt amazing and you can't go too wrong with tea. The fudge and soap will both be getting used straight away which is good. That's probably what I loved most about this box the fact that pretty much every item is usable to me. I'm still not sure what i'm going to do with the inspicards so if you have any idea's please let me know. Overall I loved this box and can't wait to see what comes next month.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Soulmates by Nicole Dykes

Sometimes it takes making a lot of mistakes and being with the wrong person to lead you to the perfect one.

Soulmates is currently under a $1 on Amazon so go check it out. This was a very short, quick read. I didn't actually realise how much I had flown through it until I got to the end. I have to admit the pacing of this book is a little odd. It zoomed through the years at times and although it was still easy to follow it just seemed a bit odd. The character's were also a little hard to like because of the immaturity and some of the decision making that was going on. In saying that though I look back at myself between the ages of 15 and 20 and good god I was just as bad as these characters.

Soulmates was at its best when it wasn't skipping years and you were just able to enjoy the story. There were two moments that really surprised the crappers out of me. I don't want to give anything away cos I want you to have the same experience that I had but yeah I did have to re-read both sections cos I didn't see it coming and well it shocked me a bit. 

This was my first book by Nicole Dykes and I enjoyed it. The second book in this series is Fate which I believe is the same story as Soulmates but told from Jake's point of view. I've had mixed experiences when books are done like this and although i'm not a huge fan of a whole book just from somebody else's point of view I might pick it up and give it a go sometime.

3 out of 5 Stars!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Chances by Jackie Collins

Lucky Santangelo. Daughter of his lifelong best friend, Gino. Bitch. Child. Liberated Lady. Temptress. 

 Lucky Santangelo is one of those character's that you never forget about. I first read this book as a teenager. I think I was about 15 or 16 at the time and I felt like such a rebel whenever I read this book/series. 12 or so years later and I still get shivers and that naughty feeling while reading this. I was deeply saddened recently when I heard about the passing of Jackie Collins so I decided to pick up a few of her books again for old times sake and I'm so glad that I did. I am not a person who has the patience for very long books but for some reason I could just read a Jackie Collins book for days on end. I never get sick of it. I love reading the gangland and mafia type books and this book serves up all that and so much more.

I am yet to find another author who can consistently write fantastic romance stories like Jackie Collins. I absolutely love reading the antics of Lucky and Gino. Gino is one of those character's where you know he is an asshole especially to most women and yet if he came knocking on the door there is no way in the world that you would turn him down. As a teenager I fell in love with Gino and as an adult I'm still in love with Gino even though he is a rotten scoundrel. I forgot how much you can get caught up in a Jackie Collins book and there was lengthy periods of time passing by without me even realising it. The ending to this book was just perfection. I love how you never know who is going to die and who will still be alive at the end. 

I can't believe how easily I fell back into Lucky's world and can't believe that I have let so many years pass by without picking up a Jackie Collins book. I have Lucky here ready to go and will be starting that next weekend. I also have Amercian Star here ready to go as well. Don't be surprised if you see quite a few Jackie Collins books popping up on here between now and the end of the year. 

4 out of 5 Stars!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

What If by Rebecca Donovan

Sometimes I wish I could be everything i'm not. Spontaneous. Adventurous. Just do something because it's fun. Not care what anyone thinks about how I look. How I act. Just be.... me.

That is a thought that I have running through my head so often especially because I have a friend who is so carefree just like Nyelle. I must admit I did enjoy this book but the writing did throw me off at times. There was quite a few occasions where I was having to go back and re-read whole sentences or paragraphs because to me it wasn't quite reading properly. I think that Rebecca Donovan did a really good job though with the way that the story chopped and changed from the present to the past. Often times when books do this it drives me crazy and takes away from the story but I didn't seem to have that problem with this book. 

I can't really pinpoint exactly how I felt about the two main characters. It's not that I didn't like them but at the same time they didn't really blow me away. Cal could be quite frustrating and just let everybody walk all over him which I didn't like. Nyelle was a very fun character who clearly cared about others but then it could be contradictory at times as we saw the way that she would treat Cal. I liked the flashbacks to their childhood and it really helped us to understand the character's and how they got to where they are now. At about 77% of the way in I realised why Nicole had become Nyelle and although I was right with my theory when the big reveal did come it didn't take away anything from the story. 

This was my first Rebecca Donovan book even though I have gone to pick up her Breathing series before. Having now read What If I will definitely go back and pick up the Breathing series. I would recommend this book but could also understand where some people may have some frustrations with it.

3 out of 5 Stars!

Japan Candy - August Unboxing

So I don't want to get ahead of myself but I may just have a new favourite subscription box. Today I bring you Japan Candy which I think is done by the same people who do the Kawaii Box. This box is amazing value guys. They have a number of subscription options available, however, I have opted for the one month at a time plan which is costing me $19.90 per month with free shipping and handling. This is a huge difference compared to Tokyo Treat where after working out exchange rates it was costing about $50 a month. Needless to say I have now cancelled my subscription to Tokyo Treat and will continue to get Japan Candy on a monthly basis. Each month you will receive 8 to 10 japanese candies and snacks which is a lot of snacking to get through. Here is what I received in my August box:

Kracie Tsunagete DIY Chain Candy
Kracie Neru Neru Nerune DIY Candy
Rilakkuma Cookie Sticks
Puccho Watermelon Chewy Candy
Shigekix Super Sour Grape Gummies
Yaokin Sour Grape Paper Candy
Meiji Yan Yan Biscuit Sticks
Bourbon Petit Choco Filled Cookies
Tohato Anpanman Caramel Corn
Moominvalley Biscuits

You might not be able to tell from this picture cos I tried to hide it but the Puccho Watermelon Candy is actually missing a couple of pieces cos me and my workmate couldn't wait to get stuck into them. I've also had the chocolate Meijy Yan Yan biscuits before so I can't wait to see what the Strawberry will taste like. I received the Rilakkuma Cookie Sticks in my Tokyo Treat and i'm hoping that these are a different flavour cos the one's from the Tokyo Treat box weren't that nice. I'm a little over the DIY kits at the moment but that's probably just because I've had so many of them lately. I can't wait to try the biscuits and cookies and if i'm going to have something sour I prefer grape so they should be all good as well. I was really, really happy with this box and I can't wait to get stuck into everything. I will definitely continue to get this box and can't wait to see what comes in next month's box. Now if you don't mind i'm off to eat the rest of the Puccho Watermelon Candies.